Lenovo - L24q-20 23.8" IPS LED QHD Monitor - Silver


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This monitor is on sale again at Best Buy [bestbuy.com] and Amazon [amazon.com] for $160.

Not quite as good as previous sale of $150 but still a deal. (To preempt the inevitable comment, yes, there was a deal where it was listed for $100 at TigerDirect with some orders going through and some people price matching it successfully for a super slick deal).

I like the monitor. Worth mentioning about mine is the following:
  • The edges of the screen dim noticeably when viewed off angle. If you sit close enough, the angle from your eyes to the screen edges might be wide enough that it becomes noticeable and bothersome. I don't notice it.
  • If you only "finger-tighten" the screw that attaches the stand (the screw has a little handle you can grip) it will wobble badly with the slightest bump. Screwdriver tightening helped a lot, though it still wobbles a bit if I bump the desk.
  • The monitor will forget calibration settings if left in the default preset of "Web Pics." Go into the monitor's settings and find the presets (called Novo Vision I think) and change it to "Text" and any calibration adjustments you make should "stick."
  • It is too bright at default settings, I recommend you turn down the brightness.
  • It has 2 inputs, HDMI and DisplayPort. Not all PCs with an HDMI port will be able to drive this monitor at its full resolution. I think you need HDMI 1.3 or higher.
  • There is no set of mounting holes for a wall mount.
  • Best Buy's 4 year protection plan is $20, Amazon's is $26.
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